Bio-tech View on Human Stem Cell Skin Care

Maxim Poustovoitov, MD, PhD

Linda Nelson, CMA, LME
Date: Monday, July 14th, 1:00pm EST (10:00am PST)
Featured Speakers: Maxim Poustovoitov, MD, PhD and Linda Nelson, CMA, LME 

Join one of the top bio-scientists from International Stem Cell Corporation, and find out about the newest technology in skin care-human pluripotent stem cells. In 45 minutes to an hour, you'll understand how stem cell skin care can add a whole new dimension to your aesthetic practice. This webinar is led by Maxim Poustovoitov, MD, PhD, an authority on stem cells used for regenerative therapies-including treatments to potentially cure Parkinson's disease, liver disease, corneal blindness and reverse skin aging.

This isn't your usual presentation on cosmeceuticals. It's loaded with new and original information from a biotech company focused on therapeutic and cosmetic applications for human pluripotent stem cells. Get new ideas on how to raise the bar to a whole new technology and get results for your patients/clients.

You'll Hear About:
  • The newest innovation in skincare: human non-embryonic stem cells and how they're used to treat diseased, dysfunctional and damaged cells as well as aging skin.
  • Why human derived ingredients are more effective in treating skin aging.
  • Embryonic, non-embryonic, adult, somatic, autologous stem cells and plant stem cells
  • The source, the ethics, and the practicality of starting with unfertilized human eggs.
  • In vitro and in vivo studies on the ability of human parthenogenetic stem cells (hpSC) to help repair damaged skin and help stimulate gene expression.
  • The ability of growth factors to enhance results after skin resurfacing, laser treatments and micro-needling.
  • Before and after pictures and clinical results.
  • Lifeline Skin Care, a new topical skincare line based on the extracts from human stem cells.
Who Should Attend:
  • Spa/Medspa Owners
  • Spa/Medspa Directors
  • Aestheticians
  • Medical Aesthetic Professionals
  • Nurse Injectors
  • Laser Treatment Specialists
  • Physicians/Medical Staff interested in broadening treatment options

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LifeLine Stem Cell Skin Care

about the speakers

Maxim Poustovoitov, MD, PhD
As the Senior Research Scientist for International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO) Dr. Poustovoitov is currently participating in the neuroscience project as it relates to Phase I of ISCO's human trial on Parkinson's disease. He is also responsible for all of the research discovering new bio-active ingredients for Lifeline Skin Care.

Dr. Poustovoitov obtained his MD degree as doctor biochemist in Russian State Medical University, Moscow, Russia and his PhD work was done in Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia. Dr Poustovoitov has over 10 years' experience in molecular, cellular biology and cancer research.

Linda Nelson, CMA, LME
Linda Nelson, Director of Education and Training for Lifeline Skin Care (a subsidiary of International Stem Cell Corporation), is involved in the development of new products using ISCO's patented technology for human non-embryonic stem cells.

Nelson's background includes work in the field of oncology and aesthetics as well as with Aveda, Elemis and ZO Skin Health by Zein Obagi, MD, speaking and educating, domestically and internationally, on the technology and science behind the brands.